Ponytail Album

Ponytail was a band from Baltimore, originally assembled for a school project in 2005. The group featured vocalist Willy Siegel, guitarists Dustin Wong and Ken Seeno, and drummer Jeremy Hyman. They released their first full length album Kamehameha in 2006, followed by their sophomore album Ice Cream Spiritual in 2008. I decided to design a double album from their first two releases as a personal project.

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Both sides of the record are diecut, and serve as a cover. The band’s boundless energy and high-powered performances provided more than enough inspiration for the album art: layered, chaotic, vibrant and loud. The covers make a bold statement on the shelf, and give the audience an indication of what type of music they can expect. A planetary theme is continued on the inside spread of the double album, where the track lists are featured. Each song is represented by a planet, whose size corresponds with the length of the track.

Packaging, Illustration, Layout

InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop