Pegasus Brewing

Branding, Packaging, Collateral, Illustration, Printmaking, Interior Design

InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop

Annette Borowski

Our passion for craft beer and graphic design collided in this year-long branding project. Our goal was to develop a strong brand identity and explore the spaces that it could potentially inhabit. This meant designing everything from the packaging and merchandise, to a physical interior space.

The state of Washington is home to over 300 breweries. Standing out in a region with such an established craft beer culture is no easy task. A brewery inspired by Greek mythology provided us with a fun avenue to explore a subject that has a rich history and lends itself to illustration. Naming our brews after mythical beasts created a cohesive line of beers that live within our brand identity. Pegasus Brewing benefitted from a graphic illustration style and clean typography to develop a brand that felt trustworthy and approachable. To bring our brewery to life, we designed and fabricated a pop-up shop for it to live in. The physical space made use of reclaimed wood and industrial elements to create a warm and inviting space where ideas are shared, connections are made, and good times are had. Cheers!