Full Tilt Ice Cream

Full Tilt Ice Cream was founded by husband and wife Justin Cline and Ann Magyar. The flagship store was opened in White Center in 2008, followed by locations in Ballard, Columbia City and U-District. Full Tilt offers a wide selection of unique ice cream flavors and craft beer. Patrons can enjoy their frozen desserts while playing numerous retro pinball and arcade games. For the Full Tilt Ice Cream rebrand, we created a detailed visual style guide that could be utilized for future collateral creation.

We developed a cohesive visual style that embraces the company’s quirkiness and is built upon the brand’s character traits: Welcoming, Vibrant, and Off-Beat. Full Tilt is an establishment that attracts a broad audience, from children to young adults. To appeal to the wide-ranging demographic, we developed a brand that feels fun and approachable but not childish or juvenile. Playful illustrations, hand drawn patterns, and friendly rounded type are utilized as brand assets. Brand colors were inspired by sweet confections and sunny summer days. Detailed brand guidelines stay true to their unconventional spirit and form a strong foundation for the company to build upon in the future.

Branding, Collateral, Illustration, Packaging, Advertising

InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop

Annette Borowski